40% Off Select Jigsaw Puzzles

November 25, 2012 15:39 by kelly

Old fashioned book covers, French art nouveau, vintage children's story book illustrations, and more… this unique collection of 500 piece puzzles each have a finished size of 15" x 21" which makes them super easy to frame.

Alice & the White Rabbit - 513pc Jigsaw Puzzle


Each distinctive jigsaw puzzle in the collection is currently 40% off their original prices... That is $5.95 for a 500 piece puzzle - no coupon code needed! Have a look & see if anything tickles your fancy!

Original Litho - 513pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Product Spotlight: Movie Maze

September 18, 2009 09:51 by ryan

Giving a gift? Make them work for it with this clear
acrylic puzzle box. To open it and get to the goodies
within, the recipient must carefully tilt the box to
guide a ball bearing through a three-dimensional
maze, all the way up to the latch.
This moderately difficult maze is a fun test of your
manual dexterity and sense of direction. The inside
compartment measures about 8 ¼"x5 ¾"x1 ¼",
perfect for most paperback books and small hardcovers
or up to two DVD, Blu-Ray, or video game cases.