Ode to Autumn

September 24, 2012 09:54 by rob

I love Autumn.

I love it so much that I feel like it is silly to even say it out loud, because I assume everyone else loves it as much as I do. Maybe other people like Autumn (seems like it’s generally a well-liked season) but I hear a lot more people talking about loving Summer or Spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Spring is just fine and I like the idea of Summer (but then it comes and I remember it's all heat and humidity, blech!), but Autumn? Man, Autumn is where it’s at.

(Colorful Canopy - 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Springbok)

When the breeze changes and starts carrying just a hint of crispness that lets you know that Winter is coming and reminds you to appreciate these days; the changing leaves that turns trees into Nature’s own super slow motion fireworks display; the frequent bursts of honking as geese fly overhead in sloppy V-shapes, headed for warmer climates; and the fleetingness of it all. As if every beautiful aspect of Autumn simultaneously reminds us that it is only here for a moment; a brief and fleeting moment between the heat of Summer and the bitter colds of Winter.

(Canada Geese - 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill)

It’s the time of year when you feel like you can have the best of both worlds, where it isn’t too cold to enjoy sitting outside on a clear night but just cool enough to make a crackling bonfire warm and welcoming. It’s the real season of S’mores, and too often uncredited.

So pardon me as I don’t mourn the passing of another Summer, and let’s not discuss Winter and the severe weather it may bring.

(Evening Solitude - 700pc Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle by White Mountain)


Autumn is here, and the moment is fleeting so grab few friends, stoke a camp fire, and watch the setting sun light the sky in fiery hues rivaled by the crimsons, oranges and golden yellows of the tree-tops.

And when it does yield to Winter, shut out those chilly days and colder nights while you reminisce about the best Season of the year with some of these beautiful Autumn themed puzzles!

(Forever Autumn - 2,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Educa)