Shoe Subsidy

August 31, 2009 14:50 by adam

Today, we're making good on our new shoe subsidy program. We're paying warehouse workers up to $40 for any eligible shoes they've bought in the last 30 days and until 9/18/2009.

A lot of other industrial companies and safety minded firms are using similar programs to incentivize safety or to provide a nice perk to folks who are putting a lot of wear and tear on their shoes. Healthy feet are productive feet! We're not the first ones to try this program out, in fact, you could say we're following in the foot steps of other shoe subsidy programs (har har).


For a great place to pick up your shoes, try: 
They sport free shipping, free returns, and excellent customer service. 
Not to mention they are run by one of my favorite business people - Tony Hseih

And, now for my obligatory goofy image that is sort of related to the post :)  
It's a picture of Shoe Money, of course!