Five Reasons Tea is Awesome

October 11, 2012 23:16 by kelly

1) Tea is high in antioxidants; eight to times higher than amounts found in fruits and vegetables! Why is this important? Antioxidants detoxify harmful chemicals in the body, and tea is loaded with them. When you look at populations who regularly drink a lot of tea, you find that overall, they are healthier, and suffer less from disease - including cancer! And - as if it couldn't get any better than less cancer - regular tea drinkers (meaning, people who drink 2 or more cups per day) also appear to have less instance of heart disease,  stroke, and have lower cholesterol! Go antioxidants!

2) Tea has zero calories; but is full of flavor! What this means is that if you're trying to cut down on unhealthy snacking, tea can help give you a hand. With so many varieties to choose from, each full of metabolism-boosting  antioxidants, you may find you're able to replace your usual calorie-rich snack with a cup of healthy tea, like Novus Dragon Well Green (doesn't that sound healthy and... dragon-y?)

3)  Tea isn't boring. In fact, tea comes in four lovely, earthy colors: black, green, red, and white - each with its own unique traits. Black tea is the most often consumed in the West - think English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea. Green tea is lighter, and has a more Eastern feel - think Japanese tea house.  Red tea (rooibos)  is South African and often prepared with milk and sugar, similar to black tea, but with a more mild flavor. And finally, White tea - the lightest of the tea blends, comes primarily from China and gets its light color from the leaves being allowed to wither and dry in the sun.


4) Tea can save the planet. Well, maybe we're stretching things a bit, but, if you drink organic, fairly traded tea, you ARE helping to ensure sustainable, earth-and-people friendly farming practices are used to make your cuppa. Not sure where to find organic tea? At, our favorite is Two Leaves Tea - their teas are certified organic, fairly traded, packaged in a biodegradable tea sachet within a recyclable cardboard box. They're also super tasty. Win-win!


5)  Tea is cool.  And we don't just mean over ice (though, that is quite cold). Think of the coolness factor that comes from having a cup of tea in hand. Don't believe me? Then, let this picture speak for itself (truly, is there anything cooler than the Beatles drinking tea?):