What to do about missing jigsaw puzzle pieces

September 30, 2010 16:19 by adam

Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Piece Guide

A complete step by step guide to obtaining that dastardly missing piece!
(last updated 9/30/2010)

If you have even a moderate amount of experience with jigsaw puzzles, you've probably encountered the horror of realizing that your beloved puzzle is nearly complete... all except for a MISSING PIECE! [noooooooooooo!]

Fear Not! -- Follow the instructions below and your chances of finding or replacing the culprit jigsaw puzzle piece will be quite good.

STEP 1 :: The Oh Duh's
It seems silly, but it's so easy to misplace or overlook a missing piece.
  • Double, triple, and maybe even quadruple check your box to verify the missing piece isn't in there. It's possible the piece could be stuck in the flap or a corner. It could have happened during production, packaging, or transport.

  • Do a thorough search of the room or any rooms that you have used for opening, constructing, glueing, transporting, storing, or even thinking about the jigsaw puzzle. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, between the rug & molding; don't be afraid to scour the surroundings for the missing piece.

  • If you've vacuumed recently, check the vacuum bag or garbage can. If you have pets or small children, then your boundary for scanning and searching is far far wider!

  • It could be a practical joke -- a tricky spouse or a child keen on finishing the puzzle may have absconded with the missing piece in the hopes of laying the final piece. Or, they could simply enjoy rendering you confounded on your hands and knees looking for a tiny piece of cardboard. Either way, don't rule out the possibilty of hijinks.

  • And, lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed so far belong where they are. It's very possible that a piece you've already placed may not actually go there. In that case, you're probably missing a different piece -- not much help here, but it will be important later if you're trying to get the right replacement piece.

STEP 2 :: Catch your breath, and start to accept the possibility that it's... GONE...
So you've looked high and low, here and there, in and out, and you've come up with squat. Don't lose hope, there are several avenues left to locate a replacement piece for your puzzle.

If you believe you've lost a jigsaw puzzle piece and it can't be found, or that your puzzle is defective and the missing piece was never there (quite rare, actually, due to the jigsaw puzzle production process and stringent manufacturer standards, but it does sometimes happen) -- then your best course of action is to contact the manufacturer to see about a replacement piece. This is best for most folks because you've already constructed the puzzle and you know which piece you need. Many popular jigsaw puzzle manufacturers have anticipated that you may need a replacement piece and have therefore created programs to replace individual pieces.

There are some caveats, however. Depending on the manufacturer and the specific puzzle design, it's possible that multiple cutting dies were used to produce the same puzzle design, so, it's possible that pieces from same design will not actually fit your puzzle. Manufacturers often replace or rotate cutting dies for reasons such as service, sharpening, or production availability. If this is the case, you still have some options, though. For example, may just replace your entire puzzle.

Before you continue, determine the following:

  • Who is the manufacturer of your jigsaw puzzle? (Just check the box.)

  • Which piece is missing?
    On most standard jigsaw puzzles you can simply count from the top, and obtain the the number of rows to your missing piece. Then, count from the left to get the number of columns to your missing piece. You will probably need these coordinates to indicate exactly which piece is missing.

    Now, find your manufacturer below in the list and follow the instructions provided:

    Manufacturer What to do...


    Phone: 800-232-7427
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    Buffalo Games

    For a defective puzzle* or missing puzzle pieces, follow the instructions below:
       1.Cut out UPC code from the box
       2.Include one of the puzzle pieces
       3.Write the description of the problem on a piece of paper
       4.Include your return address
       5.Mail to:
          Buffalo Games
          220 James E. Casey Drive
          Buffalo, NY 14206

    (Allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing)

    It's possible they will not ship you back just one piece but will instead issue a replacement of the whole puzzle or a voucher for a free puzzle.
    *If your puzzle is obviously defective, miscut, or doesn't match the box, AND you purchased your puzzle from SeriousPuzzles.com, contact us and we'll be happy to replace your item directly.


    Web: goto www.castorland.pl
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    For a defective puzzle* or missing puzzle pieces, follow the instructions below:
       1.Write your name, complete shipping address, phone # and email address on a plain piece of paper. Also include the puzzle name and item number (found on the side of the box) and include a brief description of the problem.
       2.Cut the UPC code from the box.
       3.Place the UPC code and info from step 1 in an envelope.
       4.Mail to:
    CEACO Quality Control
    C/O Edaron, Inc
    100 Appleton St.
    Holyoke, MA 01040

    (Allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing)

    They will usually send you a replacement puzzle but if that puzzle is no longer available, they will send you another product of equal value and size.
    *If your puzzle is obviously defective, miscut, or doesn't match the box, AND you purchased your puzzle from SeriousPuzzles.com, contact us and we'll be happy to replace your item directly.


    Web: www.clementoni.com
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    Cobble Hill

    Phone: 250-592-7374
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Phone: 877-568-7257
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Online Piece Replacment Program:
    Click here to submit a lost piece request.

    FX Schmid

    See Ravensburger

    Great American
    Puzzle Factory

    Online Form For Replacment Parts:
    Click here to submit a lost piece request.

    Geo Puzzle

    Phone: 920-475-2002
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Phone: 520-741-1315
    Web: www.masterpiecesinc.com
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    Melissa & Doug

    Phone: 800-718-5365
    Web: www.melissaanddoug.com
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    New York Puzzle Company

    Phone: 580-789-9535
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Phone: 877-303-1684
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Online Customer Service Form:
    Click here to submit an inquiry.

    Phone: 800-886-1236
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. This email address is specifically for missing pieces.


    Online Customer Service Form:
    Click here, to submit an inquiry.

    Phone: 866-270-0552
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Phone: 816-241-8881
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.


    Phone: 866-352-7300
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece. This email address is specifically for missing pieces.


    Phone: 800-292-7676
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    White Mountain

    Phone: 800-548-8009 ext. 19
    Email: click here to send an email
    Inquire about obtaining a replacement piece.

    STEP 3 :: For SeriousPuzzles.com Customers
    If you're having difficulty communicating with a manufacturers or getting a satisfactory solution to your issue in either Step 1 or Step 2, AND you placed your original order for the item with SeriousPuzzles.com, then you may contact us and we will try to provide a proper solution or assist you with replacing the missing piece.

    Please be prepared with your order # so that we can locate your order in our system.

    STEP 4 :: A not-too-shabby last resort
    You're at the end of the line, and there's still a fairly reasonable solution! You can order missing jigsaw puzzle pieces from The Jigsaw Puzzle DoctorTM. It's a paid service that will actually construct your missing piece! Their prices are extremely reasonable considering how cool the service is. For as little as $9 USD, plus s&h, they'll make your missing piece and send it to you - how neat is that?! [SeriousPuzzles.com is not affiliated with the Jigsaw Doctor]

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    After nearly 10 years -- we're still growing!

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    Shoe Subsidy

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    Today, we're making good on our new shoe subsidy program. We're paying warehouse workers up to $40 for any eligible shoes they've bought in the last 30 days and until 9/18/2009.

    A lot of other industrial companies and safety minded firms are using similar programs to incentivize safety or to provide a nice perk to folks who are putting a lot of wear and tear on their shoes. Healthy feet are productive feet! We're not the first ones to try this program out, in fact, you could say we're following in the foot steps of other shoe subsidy programs (har har).


    For a great place to pick up your shoes, try: http://www.zappos.com 
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    Not to mention they are run by one of my favorite business people - Tony Hseih

    And, now for my obligatory goofy image that is sort of related to the post :)  
    It's a picture of Shoe Money, of course!


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    We're now publishing all of our newsletters for each of our websites.

    Here you can find a record of our coupons, advertisements, specials, and more.


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    What makes a disentanglement puzzle great?

    August 23, 2009 17:37 by adam

    Disentanglement puzzles, aka disentanglements, are the brain teaser puzzles that usually require the removal / extrication of a ring or long oval piece (known as a shuttle). These puzzles will often employ chains or ropes for complexity and/or aestetics. These types of puzzles have a long, long history dating back at least hundreds of years.


    In general, these puzzles, at first glance, will appear to be unsolvable without force. However, upon closer inspection there are "weaknesses" to be discovered in the design. There are design weaknesses of many kinds, but some of the more common can be described as "loose" joints, "suspicious" gaps, or "pull-overs". The more difficult disentanglement puzzles could require the exploitation of more than one of these weaknesses in concert to reach the solution. In fact, some of the more challenging disentanglement puzzles even use recursive procedures to arrive at the solution (like Patience Puzzle, a super classic, http://www.seriouspuzzles.com/patiencepuzzle.html)


    ex. of the "Pull-Over" weakness

    ex. of the "Loose" joint weakness

    ex. of the "Suspicious" gap weakness


    IMHO, the best disentanglement puzzles are the intersection of visual simplicity and obscurity of weakness. They may not be considered the most challenging puzzles. They look strong, sturdy, and simple. Their weakness is difficult to describe, uncommon, and hard to "see". Here are some of my favorites:



    And of course, who can forget the Classic Horseshoe Puzzle...For sale at http://www.seriouspuzzles.com/luchorshoes.html

    This puzzle still mesmerizes me. It uses a slip and twist motion only made possible by the links between the horseshoe. With the ring nearly in stand still while the horseshoes twist and slip between it, the horseshoes are suddenly side by side and the ring ready to slip off!


    SPOILER Alert -- solution for Lucky Horseshoes here:
    For a slow mo video, check this out.

    Horse Shoe Puzzle Secret Explanation How To Solve It

    @SeriousShops vs @Kblogger -- first to 1k wins

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    Kelly and I entered into a contest back in April to see who could reach 1k twitter followers. I'm currently getting smoked.

    But that can change! Help me out, follow me at http://twitter.com/seriousshops


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    ** I think these counters above run about 1 day behind too, not sure though.

    SeriousShops.com Mission Statement

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    At SeriousShops.com we pledge to deliver superior customer service support that includes responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly representatives matched with fair and lenient return policies. We promise to deliver expedient domestic and international shipping options at competitive prices. And, it is our primary objective to quickly and accurately fulfill our customer’s orders, in most cases, on the same day they are ordered. We will strive to differentiate ourselves markedly from the typical service provided by other online retailers and wholesalers. We will deliver all this, as well as a fresh and wide variety of intriguing products, all for aggressively competitive low prices!

    Repost from 2008 Company Memo

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    Everything we are tasked with is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves. A great packing job impresses a customer immensely. A positive, helpful, and responsive attitude shocks a customer who is used to bureaucracy and long wait-times. A package shipped 15 minutes after its ordered floors a customer who is used to multi-day response times. Vendors are excited and willing to do business or make exceptions, when they’re paid promptly, or even early. Vendors who are treated with the utmost respect and within a timely manner, thus turning the vendor-customer relationship on it’s head, don’t forget that and are more willing to extend terms or make other concessions. Excited customers, pleased vendors, and impressed co-workers are a real world currency. That currency is the capital needed to grow a business to new heights. And more than growth and material prosperity, its what generates a genuine love of service, a passion for whatever it is that you’re working on, and a love of life. That currency breeds a positivity that is heartfelt thus deepening an internal sense of urgency and purpose. Its a great cycle to be in and all one has to do is kick start it…