Hot Drinks are Delicious - It is Known

October 24, 2012 12:34 by rob

Winter is coming.

Short and often gray days, long and cold nights, and the way-too-dark-to-be-awake-yet frigid mornings, it’s all just around the corner and getting closer with every day. If there is one thing that can dull the bitter edge of a Winter’s morning – other than simply staying cocooned in my sufficiently warm bed, of course – it’s a steaming hot drink. Whether it be coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate or maté, it’s all good to me as long as it’s hot!


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I love hot drinks, and I drink them year round despite what the current weather may be, but the colder months make a hot drink much more than just a tasty beverage! Picture this:

The sky is heavy with dreary clouds, so little sunlight cracking through that the dew on the grass will still be frosted by mid-afternoon, and the morning wind must be blowing out of the North because there is a chill on the breeze – a notable feat considering the already freezing temperatures. You sit inside, peering out at the beginnings of the frigid day, and try to guesstimate how many layers of hoodies and thermals and jackets it will take to keep you warm just on the walk across your yard to your car.

Then the teapot whistles, the coffee machine emits a final bubbling sputter, the iron kettle over your traditional fire pit begins to boil over as you rush to scoop the water into a hollowed gourd filled with dry yerba maté. With a toasty ceramic mug, or a hollowed gourd bellowing steam, cradled in your hands, spreading its warmth to your skin, the world outside looks a bit less cold, take a sip and the heat spreads through your core.

Let frosty winds blow, let the snow fall, let the Sun get away with lazy hour days for the next few months, as long as you’ve got a steaming mug of delicious beverage... Let Winter Come!



Whatever your taste, whatever your preference, chances are we’ve got the tasty beverage to fill that steaming mug every icy morning of the Winter months. We carry a whole range of Lavazza brand Coffee and Espresso, featuring whole beans or ground, 100% Arabica specifically selected for each roast from key climates around the world, or even bold blends of primarily Robusta coffee for that extra dark and extra strong kick.

Maybe coffee isn’t your speed, but with Autumn in full swing – treetops aflame with the vibrant colors of leaves dying for the season – who can turn down a piping hot and easy to make cup of Apple Cider? If you could take a roaring campfire, an apple orchard, and a crisp fall breeze, and concentrate them into a beverage, I’m fairly positive the result would be Apple Cider.


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Or, perhaps you still want the caffeine but in something less brash than coffee; what about high-quality, finely cut, fair trade, and organic whole leaf tea? Whatever your flavor preference, however bold or light you like your leaves, no matter what your caffeine requirement, loose leaf or in their easy to use and 100% biodegradable tea sachets, there is a tea here for you! Add a bit of Old World elegance to your morning proceedings with a spot ‘o Earl Grey.

If all of these delicious, but arguably mainstream, beverages sound too cliché to you than perhaps a bit of maté is up your alley. Derived from the traditional South American drink that is, in fact, served in a hollowed gourd from which one drinks through a silver filtered straw; Pixie Maté concentrates pack the punch and bring the flavor. Take the original route – a flavor laced with cardamom, vanilla & cloves – or find bliss in the Chai infusion, either way you’re on the quick route to the “gentle hum of an awakened mind and a vibrant body.” Unlike a caffeine buzz, jittery and peaked with highs and lows, Maté provides a balanced current of energy supplied by the potent and unique blend of xanthines as well as a ‘llama-load’ of antioxidants!


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Whatever your preference, we’ve got the liquid heat to fill your mug this Winter…

What’s that? A drink that tastes like coffee, but it can’t be coffee it has to be made from tea, and it can’t have caffeine?

Okay, we don’t have Coffee-Flavored Decaffeinated Oolong tea. Yet. (You got us there.) But have you seen our Chai selection?

Ode to Autumn

September 24, 2012 09:54 by rob

I love Autumn.

I love it so much that I feel like it is silly to even say it out loud, because I assume everyone else loves it as much as I do. Maybe other people like Autumn (seems like it’s generally a well-liked season) but I hear a lot more people talking about loving Summer or Spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Spring is just fine and I like the idea of Summer (but then it comes and I remember it's all heat and humidity, blech!), but Autumn? Man, Autumn is where it’s at.

(Colorful Canopy - 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Springbok)

When the breeze changes and starts carrying just a hint of crispness that lets you know that Winter is coming and reminds you to appreciate these days; the changing leaves that turns trees into Nature’s own super slow motion fireworks display; the frequent bursts of honking as geese fly overhead in sloppy V-shapes, headed for warmer climates; and the fleetingness of it all. As if every beautiful aspect of Autumn simultaneously reminds us that it is only here for a moment; a brief and fleeting moment between the heat of Summer and the bitter colds of Winter.

(Canada Geese - 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill)

It’s the time of year when you feel like you can have the best of both worlds, where it isn’t too cold to enjoy sitting outside on a clear night but just cool enough to make a crackling bonfire warm and welcoming. It’s the real season of S’mores, and too often uncredited.

So pardon me as I don’t mourn the passing of another Summer, and let’s not discuss Winter and the severe weather it may bring.

(Evening Solitude - 700pc Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle by White Mountain)


Autumn is here, and the moment is fleeting so grab few friends, stoke a camp fire, and watch the setting sun light the sky in fiery hues rivaled by the crimsons, oranges and golden yellows of the tree-tops.

And when it does yield to Winter, shut out those chilly days and colder nights while you reminisce about the best Season of the year with some of these beautiful Autumn themed puzzles!

(Forever Autumn - 2,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Educa)

Happy Holidays at Serious Shops!

December 9, 2009 14:34 by kelly

We’re in the midst of our busiest season & so excited to be here!

Our extended hours are en force, holiday decorations are up, and everyone is in good spirits. The warehouse crew is super busy packing & shipping… just a few short weeks left until Christmas! 


We took some photos on Monday of this week - enjoy! front office:


Monday's outgoing packages:


Monday's afternoon warehouse crew (nice job guys!): holiday season outgoing packages in 2003!
(Why yes, that was our garage, and yes, we have grown!):

Fabulous Fall at!

October 5, 2009 11:40 by kelly

Welcome to October at Serious Shops!  I’ve finished decorating around the office to welcome Autumn:



We’re all so excited to be moving into the 4th quarter - you can really feel it around here. The weather is cool, the air is crisp, and everyone is busy!


My friend tells me she’s just made the switch from iced lattes to hot. Now, while I still drink mine iced every morning, the sentiment is understood: Fall is finally here & it’s Fantastic!


Aside from my decorating, here are a few more exciting seasonal things at Serious Shops:


Fall Garden Flags

Pumpkin Spiced & Maple Vanilla Lattes

Halloween Stuffed Animals