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April 24, 2013 15:18 by rob

Chances are (about one in sixty-two hundred if my sub-par math skills are at all accurate) you haven’t heard of, let alone tasted, the delicious citrus cola, Boost! It's loved and well known in a particular, small area of South Jersey. The same small area that loves panzarottis and part of that slightly larger area that loved Tastycakes long before Hostess got caught with their hand in the Twinkie jar.


Chances are (1 in 1, these calculations are definitely correct) that you are missing out! Take it from a born and raised, moved away and returned, South Jersey native: the Pepsi challenge is like quite a few big face-offs; only two options are offered and neither are all that great or all that different.

Enter Boost! A drink with a 100 year legacy, originally crafted by a pharmacist from Riverside, NJ. This citrus cola, yes made from citrus with a cola taste, has a taste reminiscent of flat cola but in the tastiest of ways, and has all the caffeine you could want in an icy pick-up!


I’ve been drinking Boost! since I upgraded from a bottle to a sippy-cup (caffeine free of course, my parents aren’t crazy), when it was only available in giant glass jugs of concentrated syrup (something that me, my siblings, and our cousins definitely didn’t dare each other to take straight shots of) and now you can get it as a slushie!

Around here, I can pop into just about any deli or convenience store and pick one up whenever I want. Now you can have one too, no matter how far you are from Riverside! Make your own slushie or just a glass of iced Boost! cola, whenever you want with a 64oz jug that comes with a pump top for easy dispensing!


What are you waiting for? Take a Boost!


Sorry, we don’t ship panzarottis.


… There really aren’t any to spare *chomp* anyway.


May 30. 2013 13:21

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