@SeriousShops vs @Kblogger -- first to 1k wins

August 17, 2009 18:09 by adam

Kelly and I entered into a contest back in April to see who could reach 1k twitter followers. I'm currently getting smoked.

But that can change! Help me out, follow me at http://twitter.com/seriousshops


Check this blog post later, and these includes should update on their own. To get a better view check out: http://twittercounter.com/compare/SeriousShops/kellynaturally/month

** I think these counters above run about 1 day behind too, not sure though.


August 20. 2009 14:26

The reason Kel has more Twitter followers than you is because she twits female nonsense that attracts other females who also twit nonsense and they "connect" through this nonsense.

The lesson:
tweet a bunch of female nonsense that allows you to get sympathy followers through emotional connections to said nonsense.

No offense to Kel... :)


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