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About Serious Shops:

About Serious Shops

Serious Shops is a collection of thousands of eclectic items and many niche stores. Our properties are centrally managed for efficiency and supported by a positive, caring, passionate, and detail-oriented staff for consistency.

We understand that online shopping has the best value for our customers if they can depend on prompt and affordable shipping, knowledgeable and friendly service, and fair prices.

Many specialty products are, by nature, difficult to find; even online. And when found, they're often sold by merchants lacking in critical areas. At we do niche better, seriously!

Serious about customers:

Serious about customers
Our customers have entrusted us to deliver the goods! We honor our customers' faith in us three major ways:

  • Same Day Shipping - Nearly every item ships the same business day it's ordered, before 4pm. Our major systems are developed around this principle.

  • Thoughtful Packing - We carefully pack shipments in a right-size box to control costs and minimize our impact.

  • Real People - In the event that customers interact with our customer service team, we're there for them with real, problem-solving people. No deep menu systems, no robotic prompts.

  • Serious about employees:

    Serious about employees

    When building a business it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters. "Don't forget our humanness" - rings in our ears. So, when it comes to policy, management, and all dealings, we all try to remember to start with love & understanding first, then proceed.

    Serious Shops offers paid time off, healthcare, matched retirement, and bonuses to all permanent employees.

    Serious about products:

    Serious about products

    Drop-shipping? Nope! We do it the old-fashioned way: Over 99% of our products are shipped and sold from our own stock.

    For each niche, we source the highest quality and well-designed products, steered by customer interests.

    Our products deliver great values! (And, they give us a chance to shine in web content, fulfillment, and customer experience.)

    Serious about suppliers:

    Serious about suppliers

    By extension, our business is healthy when our relationships with suppliers are healthy. We negotiate for favorable terms and pricing, respectfully, never forgetting that our suppliers are real people; no bullies here - the deals we strike must be fair and mutually beneficial.

    We foster hundreds of relationships with great companies with strong brands and cool products.

    Hey, what's with the cat in your logo?

    Super Cat
    It's fun! We don't take ourselves too seriously :)