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Here's to Summer!

Award-Winning DaVinci Lemonade has landed at - just in time for the heat of Summer! Plus, tons of new jigsaw puzzle designs at We'd like to suggest taking it easy this Summer: just kick back with a puzzle and cool glass of lemonade and… enjoy! .

Web Log? We Blog? We sure do!

Test your brain teaser solving skills, get the scoop on our newest products, try a recipe or two, check out our current coupons and specials, and catch up on our latest happenings - all right here at's BLOG.

Keep in Touch with

Want to know what we're up to? What's on sale? What's happening in our warehouse - RIGHT NOW? You can find out by liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

We Made the List! is proud to be included as number 15 on South Jersey Biz Magazine's list of 2012's Fastest Growing Companies in NJ. Thanks SJBiz!

6/9/2012 Print Catalog Out Now!

Good news for customers: Our latest and greatest specialty beverages are featured in our new 2012 Catalog. If you don't receive one at YOUR place of business, you can check it out right here. And as always, our most up-to-date prices and products are available 24 hours a day on

New location in KC is open!

We've expanded our facilities to the Show-Me state: Kansas City, Missouri, to be precise! Our 2nd location is now open and ready to ship.

This is great news for our MidWest & West Coast customers: Now you'll get your orders even faster! Yeee-haw!

Getting Serious on Health Insurance!

We're happy to announce that as of April 2012, we'll be providing free health & dental insurance to all full-time employees. We'll also be offering affordable access to health insurance & free dental insurance to all part-time employees. Stay healthy, Serious folks!

Welcome Box of Goodies Customers!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to former customers. We look forward to serving you now and into the future at Cheers!

8/23/2011 achieves annual INC 5000 Ranking for 2011!
2nd Year In A Row! has earned the position of #2291, with 106% growth, on the 2011 Inc. 5000, Inc. Magazine’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America!

The online listing is here:
2011 INC 5000 List Rank #2291
#115 in Retail!
#67 In Philadelphia!

STELLAService finds out who really delivers!

We're super-excited to announce that has declared as providing EXCELLENT service! Their mystery shoppers evaluated our sites over 45 days, using 350 different metrics like our search capability, product knowledge, shipping speed, and customer service friendliness. We'd like to extend a THANK YOU to all of our staff for working each and every day to deliver an awesome experience to our customers! And another THANK YOU to all of our customers - past & present - who keep us striving to keep it Serious!

7/25/2011 featured in South Jersey Biz Magazine!

We’re proud to announce that has been included in SJB Magazine’s July 2011 article, Fastest Growing Companies: 27 Businesses Worth Watching. Adam, our president & founder, even made the cover! Interested in reading the article (and catch a glimpse of Adam’s cool tie) for yourself?
Click for more recognition...

A 32,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Are You SERIOUS?!?

Ravensburger has created the LARGEST commercially-available jigsaw puzzle in the WORLD! In fact, it is SO big, that it's been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records! This amazing puzzle features a montage of 32 paintings by pop art icon, Keith Haring. Double Retrospect comes with 32,256 precision-cut pieces, packaged in 8 separate bags, along with a hand-trolley to help you transport the box from room to room. When completed, this amazing puzzle spans 17 feet! Are you up for this serious challenge? The puzzle is ON SALE now + FREE SHIPPING; check it out!

3/6/2011 introduces Eco-Friendly Puzzles!

ImagiPLAY, Buffalo Games, Serendipity Puzzles, and TDC Games are taking an interest in the earth by using renewable, recyclable materials for their puzzles. If you’re looking for a more earth-friendly way to puzzle, check out the latest green brands in our Eco-Friendly Jigsaw Puzzle section!

Ping Pong Hipsters

Ok, we admit it! We're a dot com company -- and so, to play the part we put in a new ping pong table in the middle of our ex-sales office.

8/19/2010 makes the cut for the 2010 annual INC 5000 Ranking! has earned the position of 1643 on the 2010 Inc. 5000, Inc. Magazine’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America!

The online listing is here:
2010 INC 5000 List Rank #1643
#86 in Retail!
#39 In Philadelphia!

Serious Puzzle Collection
This is only part of it.
Today his collection is 600+ puzzles!
Discovered - Individual's Massive Personal Puzzle Collection

Gabriel Fernandes of Portugal has been amassing his personal brain teaser and puzzle collection. His interest was piqued years ago by the prospect of having an authentic Rubiks cube. And, ever since, he's been intrigued, puzzled, and on a mission to grow his collection. Check out Gabriel's Puzzle Collection.

Adam's Cool Site - Quick Pick!

In my never-ending travels for great puzzle websites, I recently came across this website: -- They've got Interactive crossword puzzles, Printable crossword puzzles, and they specialize in multilingual word puzzles. They also offer some really interesting specialty word puzzles, like, the baby name fill-in word puzzle. Fresh online puzzles, everyday, with the solutions to yesterday's puzzle -- cool site!

Money Maze - Video Review!

We've started publishing video reviews of some of our products. The Money Puzzle doubles as a bank and can fit cash, gift cards, or small gifts. They are available for sale at in the money puzzle section. Click Here for Money Maze.

Now Accepting PayPal!

Customer experience at Serious Shops is about to get even better. We’re super-excited to announce that we now accept PayPal for payment! Check out our seamless, super-quick, safe, and convenient check out process at any of our online shops!

Make your own whipped cream!

Exactly 1 year later, we've finally published our next instructional How-To video. Click here to learn why making your own whipped cream is such a great idea.

We want to make sure that coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, ice cream shops, and home consumers are aware of the benefits. You can save 50% of the cost of your typical store bought canned instant whipped cream. And, the ingredients list for homemade is tiny; it can be done with just two, or three all-natural ingredients!

Canned instant whipped cream can have as many as 10 listed ingredients; laden with petroleum based preservatives, artificial emulsifiers, milk derivatives, and artificial flavors.

Try making your own, and see how easy it is. Get everything you need to make your own whipped cream.

You just need:
  • Whip It - Cream Whipper
  • Whip It - Cream Chargers
  • Monin Liquid Sweetener (plus a pump)
  • Heavy Cream

      Available online at various places:
         - Organic Direct
         - Foodservice Direct

      Or, try your wholesale club for the best value: Sam's Club

  • 4/17/2010
    Free chiropractic care for our employees!

    We really believe in the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments for pain management, health maintenance, and overall wellness. We also believe that healthy people make happy, productive employees. So to that end, we’re pleased to announce a new staff perk, available to all employees: Free chiropractic wellness sessions, once per month... Get cracking!

    2/14/2010 goes to the New York Toy Fair!

    We're gearing up for an exciting year filled with new puzzle lines at In that spirit, Adam, Kelly, and Dan spent Valentine's Day in the Big Apple checking out all the latest puzzle prospects at Toy Fair 2010. Stay tuned for fabulous fresh additions to our puzzle line up, like: Jigsaw Puzzles from Heye and EuroGraphics and the cutting-edge Rubik's Slide, just to name a few! Read more about the toy show at our blog, click here.

    8/23/2009 - Where Serious Virtuosos get the word out! is a community blog where the authors are all Serious Virtuosos (our staff). This site is open to the public. Join the RSS feed here .

    You may find product reviews, exciting company news, general consumer reviews, and a giant range of personal topics including but certainly not limited to: organic foods, natural living, vegetarianism, recipes, cars, sports, movies, and on, and on... you get the idea! Come read all about it, and see what its like to be a virtuoso.

    7/5/2009 - Relaunched on a new hosting platform! has been relaunched and is now hosted on our new integrated hosting platform! What does this mean? It means: A better checkout experience, Faster Updates & More accuracy, User accounts, Faster searches, and more!

    The store is now featuring even lower prices on popular yard flags like Toland Flags, Magnet Works, & More!

    5/15/2009 - Now providing shoe subsidy to warehouse staff

    To All Warehouse Staff:

    Your dogs are going to stop barking soon...

    We're now going to be providing a shoe subsidy to all warehouse staff with at least 15hrs / week of warehouse time on their schedule. will provide a $40 rebate up to twice per year on March 1st and September 1st for any pair of acceptable warehouse shoes purchased up to 1 month prior to each rebate date.

    Simply present your receipt on 3/1 or 9/1 for your shoes purchased up to 1 month prior and receive a $40 payment on your next payroll direct deposit.

    This is a great way to insure that our warehouse staff is taking the best care of their feet and maintaining safe footwear all year round!

    5/14/2009 sponsors Rubik's Cubing Competition in Milford, PA

    The WCA (World Cube Association) and Safe Haven have teamed up to bring a Rubik's Cube Competition here to Milford, PA on June 20, 2009 to be held at the Delaware Valley High School. These cubing wizards will solve the various cube puzzles such as Magic/Master Magic, Rubik's Cube, 4X4X4, Square-1, 3X3X3: One-Handed, and 3X3X3 Blindfold) . The competition will include everything from straight cubing to blindfolded speed solving. World records will be broken in real time!

    Please help support Safe Haven and welcome the WCA by being a spectator or competitor at this unique fundraiser. All funds raised by this competition will be donated to Safe Haven. There will be raffles, food, and record breaking entertainment! The doors will open at 9:00AM with an Awards Ceremony beginning at 5:00PM. If you wish to compete in the competition, please log onto or for more information, you can log onto and to get a preview of watching someone solve the cube in warp speed, check out Stachu Korick ("cuber" in photo) at or if you have an extra seven minutes, you can watch him solve it with a blindfold

    One of the most exciting things for Stachu at these competitions is getting to compete against Tyson Mao. Tyson is the young gentleman that taught Will Smith how to cube for the movie Pursuit of Happyness. Tyson was also one of the "geeks" in the hit reality show Beauty and the Geek. Tyson will be attending this function to help World Cube Association joined with Safe Haven to promote domestic peace for all communities. has generously donated items to be auctioned off during the competition. When Safe Haven asked Adam Moore, President of why he was so eager to be part of this fundraiser he replied "At, we're very excited to sponsor the Safe Haven/World Cube Association, Rubik's Cube Competition. We feel strongly about Save Haven's efforts to eliminate domestic violence and increase peace in the community, and welcome the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic fundraising event!" You can find out more about them and their puzzles at - part of the network of online stores.

    The registration fee for pre-registered competitors is $5 for the first event plus $2 for each additional event. If you do not pre-register, the registration fee will be $10 for the first event plus $3 for each additional event. Spectators are FREE! Be there or be cube!

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