Don't Break the Bottle (Corkscrew) - Brain Teaser

Brain Teasers - Don't Break the Bottle (Corkscrew)

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A Wooden Wine Puzzler

The next time you're invited to a friend's home for dinner, bring along a bottle of wine that you've locked in this wooden puzzle and watch the fun start to flow!

Don't Break the Bottle is an ingenious gift idea to stump the "perfect host". To enjoy the fruit of their labor, they must release the wine bottle from the wooden enclosure. This may involve pushing the ball through, passing the rope over, or pulling the block around one thing or another. Watch as friends turn white and then see red as they struggle to free the bottle!

Our original and ever popular puzzler has been given a makeover! Our newest edition can be seen sporting a sleek, wrap around, wooden enclosure, accessorized by a gorgeous looking corkscrew lock that doubles as a bottle opener! Dignified in style, distinct in quality.

Fits standard wine, herb vinegar, olive oil, and soda bottles.

Includes: 3 wooden puzzle pieces & instructions.

Does not include wine. Cheers!

Also available in metal, wood, and vice versions!

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