Dynamo Crank LED Flashlight AM/FM Radio w/ LCD Display & Siren

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  • NJ
  • ★ Recharge with the dynamo crank
  • ★ AM/FM Radio with antenna in hand strap
  • ★ Built-in speaker for radio and loud siren
  • ★ Bright & efficient LCD flashlight with Hi/Lo setting
  • ★ Only 4.8oz, super-light & portable
  • This Dynamo Crank LED Flashlight AM/FM Radio can save the day. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery it never needs additional batteries - OR a wall power source! Recharge by turning the attached dynamo crank . This unit sports an inventive antenna built-in to the wrist strap to improve reception. It also has a clear lcd display to readout the radio channel and volume. If that wasn't enough, the flashlight is all LED for maximum brightness and efficiency with an energy saving Hi/Lo setting. At just 4.8oz, it's super-light and highly portable, perfect for travel, camping, and more.
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