Jackson Pollock: Convergence - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Pomegranate

Jackson Pollock: Convergence - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Pomegranate
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Brand: Pomegranate
  • ★ Thick, Interlocking Pieces
  • ★ Superb Color Reproduction
  • ★ Glare-Free Finish
  • Artist: Jackson Pollock
    ("Convergence" - Oil on canvas, c.1952)

    Pollock was a pioneer for Abstract artists; his success and the popularity of his work blazed the trail for a whole community of Abstract Expressionists to follow. His style thrived on his interaction with the work, walking around the piece as he painted and arranging it using a variety of simple implements.
    Convergence may seem visually chaotic, explosively intricate, powerful in expression, or it may just be clear that this will be a difficult and challenging jigsaw image!

    Pomegranate is proud to produce jigsaw puzzles with thoughtfully conceived, engagingly intricate, and aesthetically appealing images on a solid interlocking format. The sturdy construction combined with the wide image selection and vibrant color reproduction will delight everyone from experts to first-time puzzlers.

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