Santa's Cat Nap - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Springbok (discon)

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles - Santa's Cat Nap

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Brand: Springbok
  • ★ Made in the USA
  • ★ Interlocking pieces
  • ★ Unique pieces - no two are alike
  • ★ 100% recycled materials & vegetable-based inks
  • A tuckered out Santa takes a quick nap with his purring pal. Christmas Eve must be exhausting for ol' Kris Kringle, and that does look like a comfortable napping chair.

    Springbok has been producing jigsaw puzzles for almost 50 years; they're known for quality and beautiful images, unique puzzle dies that ensure no two pieces or puzzles are alike and each piece interlocks with precision, and sturdy pieces made from chipboard that is 18% thicker than average. They demonstrate eco-consciousness by using 100% recycled materials (puzzles & packaging) and all vegetable based inks, and all of their puzzles are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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