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Our Story

2002 was the practical genesis of Serious Shops. Two people. A house deep in the woods of Maine. One big idea: bring hard-to-find niche product to folks online; and do it in a friendly, quick, and affordable way for our customers. was born! The idea took off, and within the next few years, Serious added three more websites, all offering unique products to our customers; packed and shipped with personal care - a true basement operation.

Soon enough, Serious realized they'd grown too big for their remote locale, and in 2005, decided to relocate the biz, the house, (and the new baby!) to New Jersey.

Serious' current location now proudly houses 2 warehouses filled with thousands of distinctive products from hundreds of vendors, hosts 6 active websites, employs 18 seriously motivated and creative folks, and continues to provide the same excellent, personalized customer care we have always strived to offer to thousands & thousands of Serious Shoppers!

We're excited about our continued growth and thank you for being a part of our ongoing journey!
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Serious Shops
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